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Meanwhile, In Montana Facebook Page primary admin blocked yet again

Why did the primary admin and creator of the Meanwhile, In Montana Facebook Page get blocked yet again for thirty days, shortly before the 2018 mid term elections? Is it because my political opinion is different than theirs and the grass roots type pages we’ve built have a combined reach of well over 100,000 followers, […]

Blocked From Facebook for Sharing Pro-Armed Teachers Opinion? Please Share!

I have been blocked from Facebook yet again for 30 days folks! Not Surprised? Of course you’re not, because I like guns and support freedom. And there was just a defenseless school shooting. Isn’t it strange how pro firearms freedom people get scrubbed from mainstream sites right after mass shootings? Make sure you Register at […]

How can you help promote the site on Facebook while the admin is blocked you ask?

Happy Sunday Montana! Thanks for asking! And you can do the following anytime. Even when I’m not blocked! 🙂 One great way to help promote this site is to post ads here first at our firearms friendly classifieds, because we don’t discriminate against gun owners like some sites, that are not actually gun classified ads! […]