Meanwhile, In Montana began as a Facebook page in October of 2015.

After realizing the power that a mob of trolls have and how easily they can get pages and people blocked by simply deciding amongst themselves to report posts, I obtained the meanwhileinmontana.com domain as a backup plan. So they can’t block any of us for having thick skin or Montana values. Because we have our own alternative to Facebook right here.

The Meanwhile, In Montana Facebook page is intended to share a little bit of everything about Montana from all angles, make fun of ridiculous national and out of state news and politics with a largely humorous, Montana thick skinned, witty angle and tone. Not just another warm and fuzzy Montana page because there are plenty of those. A page more for what might be called thick skinned smart asses versus thin skinned dumb asses who get offended easily by everything.

For some reason those from out of state wanting to move here, and even some in Montana, think Montana is full of saints with every citizen having an ignorant acceptance of their big city ways. They are cruising facebook and see a page title Meanwhile in Montana and think “Hey, another warm and fuzzy Montana facebook page where I can spread my socialist agenda” When they like, follow and begin to see real Montanans sharing and commenting, they are often surprised. And then for the most part they stick around and engage. Those who disagree then report posts and pages, which don’t actually go against any policy facebook has, but doesn’t fit their socialist agenda for how people are supposed to think according to them, they troll a page and its posts and get the page blocked. 🙂

As long as you don’t bring your failed antics, politics and big city thinking from other places and try to import and implement them here. We will vehemently discourage you and evict you with a smile. Do a little research on The Montana Vigilantes to get an idea of how real Montanans still think. 🙂

For those expecting that type of page, they were, and are still often shocked! But after hanging out and following for a while, most stick around and engage with our thick skinned, Montana way of thinking. The type of thinking and engagement most of us share around the camp fire having a beer or a cup of coffee in front of the fire. Or even around the job site or ranch. 🙂

The jokes and memes shared there have always been very witty and humorous and even sometimes corny. Very much the same as the humor the founder shared with hundreds of people by email in the past.

Thanks for looking. Join to engage.

Randy (Admin)