Blocked from Facebook again for the fifth, or is the sixth time? I can’t keep track anymore.

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I’m blocked again. Please share this post at the Meanwhile, In Montana facebook Page so people know I’m not dead. πŸ™‚

Facebook has directed their minions and allowed their socialist network trolls to take over their platform now completely. Groups of trolls who disagree with the topics or posts shared at any page, now gang up on pages like mine and report posts to get the admins blocked. When you have over 80,000 likes and/or followers, your voice gets big enough that it scares them I guess.

They know the predominant voice in America opposes them and their socialist, liberal views. They also know that the majority of the people who disagree with them are at work. And that they can get away with it if they do it during working hours. This is the same way that they take over America. While everyone else is at work, they get to the polls. They couldn’t beat us at the presidential election. So now they try to silence us and drive us away from their socialist networks to hinder our voice and build a perception that they are winning, which we all know is false. Act the way we want you to or else we’ll block you. That’s the way they function. And probably always will. Socialist social networking platforms have given them much more powerful tools.

Is infiltrating social networks and getting pages and admins they disagree with blocked, their only way of resisting the majority of Americans who loudly spoke at the last presidential election in America? Pathetic, but maybe so.

I was blocked again, after my last month of being blocked for sharing an external link to legal guns for sale. This time for another month, for sharing the meme below. Maybe I take for granted that I’m personally disabled and not easily offended. I make fun of everyone, including myself.Β  More below…

I have certainly seen much worse than this and so have you. Is the meme above enough to get someone blocked for a month on Facebook? Oh, and for those who say to create another account so you can still post, tried it, doesn’t work for long. Made it about 15 days and get a suspicious activity notice. They want you to upload a photo and they get back to you. Not doing it. πŸ™‚

I’m debating on whether or not to ask for other volunteer admins for the Facebook page. Or I could just say screw it and let all of my pages and websites go. What do you guys and gals think? You won’t even use the local form to comment, because you’re so hooked on Facebook.

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4 thoughts on “Blocked from Facebook again for the fifth, or is the sixth time? I can’t keep track anymore.”

  1. Everybody are hooked on Facebook. The only thing we can do is to re-post and share posts which blocked you and to see what would happen. By the way, I personally don’t like the picture which blocked you, but in my opinion, it should not be censured out. I’m absolutely sure that Facebook is a wrong place to advertise gun sellers. Nobody would click on your link from Facebook because even everybody use it, nobody really trusts them. There are better places for sharing these links.
    Please believe me, but even in USSR before Perestroika people found ways to publish inconvenient for authorities information and to find it. Facebook is not KGB and hopefully it will never be even close to it, but if by unnecessary provoking them to permanently block you, you will give them a little push further to that direction.

  2. I will leave Facebook comments open on news feed posts as long as I can. If I do get booted permanently, that will end. I won’t try to work their system and beg them to get back in.

    Be sure to subscribe by email to new posts from the menu. You can also subscribe to followup comments below individual posts. See the area below all news feed posts that states “Notify me of followup comments via email. You can also Subscribe without commenting.”

    This allows you to subscribe to followup comments on specific posts instead of getting an email for every post. This only applies to comments left here, NOT FACEBOOK comments. Use the comment system here to avoid losing them!


  3. Oh for gezz sakes.. but I have found once they get it in for you .. they don’t let up.. I have had garage sale posts for houseplants flagged twice now and I had to write a reply to their form to get them posted.. not to mention my past facebook jail time……… commiebook is hard at it..

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  4. I follow your email links when you are blocked from Facebook. Please hang in there. You post a lot of great stuff. Meanwhile in Montana would be missed.

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