Blocked From Facebook for Sharing Pro-Armed Teachers Opinion? Please Share!

I have been blocked from Facebook yet again for 30 days folks! Not Surprised? Of course you’re not, because I like guns and support freedom. And there was just a defenseless school shooting.

Isn’t it strange how pro firearms freedom people get scrubbed from mainstream sites right after mass shootings? Make sure you Register at our new Community Social Network here and Firearms Friendly to stay engaged. And Please Share this with everyone you know on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Pro-gun voices are being silenced by search engines, social media and the mass media. With now nearly 100,000 followers and likes at various pages like Montana Gun Owners and Meanwhile, In Montana, conservative leaning voices like mine are being driven out of their platforms as “Influencers” opposed to their objectives. This happens after every mass shooting like clockwork. Facebook, Youtube and the like all start blocking firearms and freedom friendly people like us.

This time is a bit different for me. As I’m trying to publish a new post at Facebook, above a link to an NBC Montana article I was sharing titled “Montana Education Association opposes arming teachers“, where above it I made the comment “So…. they believe people who educate your children are incapable of learning a new skill? That may just help keep your children alive during their next school sponsored protest against your right to defend yourself. What?” After clicking Publish I notice it is taking a long time for it to post….

After around 2 minutes I figured something must be wrong with my connection and I click out. I see now that I have been signed out of Facebook. When I sign in the following prompts I have seen many times before now appear starting with “You’re Temporarily Blocked From Posting”….

In their attempt to find anything at all wrong with anything that I’ve posted recently so they can block me again apparently, they choose to block me for a post I made with a link to website that sells ammo. This IS NOT A PRIVATE SALE. It is from a very popular website which is Palmetto State Armory. Had they clicked through or looked at it at all they would have clearly seen it was not a private sale.

Their policy states clearly “We don’t permit the individual purchase, sale or trade of firearms or ammunition. Firearm shops and online retailers may promote commercial activity (ex: discussing a gun for sale at their store location) only if they comply with all applicable laws and regulations.”

They are wrong yet again for blocking me as they’ve been several times before. Their trolls have been allowed again to dictate the content that appears on their website.

Please tell everyone they can find me here and at

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