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Among the news links I personally share through The Montana Gun Owners Category, other reputable local sources automatically syndicated directly from the source is Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, The Montana Shooting Sports Association, Montana Gun Trader Classifieds and Montana Gun Classifieds. Be sure to click subscribe at that site if you want Montana gun news sent to your inbox. You can also subscribe to push notifications there, just like you can at this site now. Also subscribe there to stay tuned in in to firearms freedom.

Montana Shooting Sports Association – Montana Gun Owners

MSSA FWD: Dear MSSA Friends, One or more bills have been introduced in Congress to outlaw “bump fire” stocks, like the one(s) allegedly used in the Las Vegas massacre. Why should you care? First, I’ll agree with many of you that bump fire stocks are stupid. They are usually inaccurate and just waste ammo.