Poll: Should Montana teachers be able to carry a concealed weapon?

Should Montana public school staff who are properly trained & certified, have the option to carry a concealed weapon on campus?

A fast, full featured, made in Montana alternative to anti-gun social networking websites?

As most followers of Meanwhile, In Montana know, yours truly has been blocked from anti-gun Facebook numerous times for sharing firearms friendly posts in the past and currently for another few days. It’s time to stop bitching and do something about it.

Well that’s what a new site called Firearms Friendly and this post is all about. Get over there and get busy or read more below.

The reason many of us joined facebook at all was because they originally embraced firearms freedoms more by simply allowing gun trader groups and gun sales for so long. We all supported them wholeheartedly and even referred friends and family and were proud to do it. We knew they would eventually buckle. And they actually lasted much longer than many of us anticipated. Understanding this eventuality as its happened many times before, I obtained the firearmsfriendly.com domain as a backup plan.

Facebook was great until they buckled to gun control zealots and took away quite possibly the safest alternative to private gun sales there ever was. I say that because you could easily check people out first and find out whether you even wanted to deal with them first, it was great! With a name in Montana, you can do your own background checks if you desire using the Montana Conweb. You don’t tell people that, but that’s what many people did. That option was never available with classifieds.

Once the rabid, anti-gun trolls were allowed to dictate content and their policies, those times have likely changed forever, just like countless other websites such as Google, Craigslist and Ebay have done before them. And they are entitled to make whatever policy changes they desire, its their business. We get it, and we support it and would die defending their right to do so! But immediately after that our ad blockers were turned on and we will never shop at a sponsor of their site or pay to promote pages over there again. Most of us have cut back to strictly family and close friends connections. We would leave altogether if we had comparable choices….

Luckily, there are other choices. The problem with the choices thus far is that they didn’t cover everything, or are inevitably going to follow the same path as Facebook eventually, or they only focus on guns. Maybe they don’t have the functions, features and choices they have at Facebook. The mission is in process……

I’ve been working to solve those problems for us by developing our very own site. I’ve done what I can do without feedback. Now I need your help. Anyone 18 years of age or older, who can legally own guns in America is invited to Join us at Firearms Friendly and help build a better site for freedom lovers. Get registered, login and check it out. I think you’ll be surprised and pleased. This is by far the best one yet for me. 🙂

Check out the new Made in Montana, Firearms Friendly social network

During my current illegitimate Facebook jail term, I’ve been working on a social network just for gun owners that doesn’t discriminate like Facebook, Google, Craigslist and others. Check out the New Made in Montana FirearmsFriendly.com.

Firearms Friendly

Join our firearms friendly social network community. Expand your online gun network and get to know new gun owners! Join and create groups and add your gun-friendly links for free!