Facebook has you labeled as Very Liberal, Liberal, Moderate, Conservative or Very Conservative

A meme floating around claims that Facebook has you categorized as Very Liberal, Liberal, Moderate, Conservative or Very Conservative.

The meme claims you can find out how they have you categorized by going to Facebook>your settings>ads>your information>your categories>US Politics to find out how they label you.

Thinking this must be a joke, I checked my own……

Low and behold, they have done just that. By the pages I follow, engagement, friends or other mysterious algorithms even they probably don’t understand, I am labeled by the all knowing and completely unbiased Facebook as “Very Conservative”.

Is this ONLY for displaying specific advertising to me? Do they sell that data to advertisers? You bet they do! Thats how they became a multi-billion dollar company.

For The Record! This is another specific reason this website has been built. None of that bullshit will EVER happen at this Montana Local Social Network! 🙂