Global Warming Where All Glaciers Will Melt & Millions Will Drown by 2050? Or Another Ice Age? [Videos]

According to an animation from Business Insider, we’re all going to die from Global Warming by 2050. Or at least anyone living just above sea levels now if we don’t all, Americans that is, pay a massive tax to fiscally irresponsible governments to save us all. Or is an ice age coming soon? The latter seems more like the case in my opinion. And based a lot more on actual science and history instead of cow farts.

Global Warming or is an Ice Age Coming? Spoiler Alert: Climate change has absolutely nothing to do with this. 🙂

Toxic Fumes From Faulty or Neglected Windmills That Start On Fire Probably Cause Cancer

I don’t know if the sound from Windmills causes cancer or not. I’ve certainly heard stranger things. Toxic smoke that spews from them when they are faulty or neglected might. What do you think about power generation from windmills in Montana? I can think of a few places that Windmills might work for that. I’m not convinced it’s a practical solution however.

By the time you pump massive amounts of money and non-biodegradable resources into building them, placing them and then maintaining them, are they realistic? What do you think? Should Montana invest in Windmill Power Generation? Share and leave your comments below.

MegaFires – Why wildfires have gotten worse and what we can do about it [Video]

Prescribed burns, log it, graze it or watch it burn? Watch Paul Hessburg explain in his opinion at a TED conference, the history of fires in America and how humans in hindsight have reacted wrongly in his opinion to fire management.

What he has to say does make sense. But are these the only factors? I’d personally never seen the correlation between how the older wood had tighter grain which supposedly kept it from burning as easily before. It does make sense that wood grain with more space between the wood grain would burn faster. How do you feel about what Paul has to say? Login and leave your comments below.

Will Cosmic anomaly cause record-breaking snowfall in Montana this winter?

“Fake article claims that Montana will face “devastating” winter. Despite what some people are seeing on Facebook, there is no truth to the report that a “cosmic anomaly” will cause record-breaking snowfall in Montana this winter.” Read more and comment below.

“The bogus claim originated on a website called which states meteorologists at “NASA’s Charles Darwin Research Facility” announced that record snowfalls will hit the “entire Northwest Corridor,” with snow levels predicted to reach 34 feet in January, and winds of up to 120 miles per hour.” Source: