Will Your Montana Sheriff Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws Or Join Gun Sanctuary Counties Around The Country? [Video]

Many Sheriff’s around the country, including those in New Mexico and Colorado, are presenting and passing resolutions that make their counties “Gun Sanctuary Counties”. Meaning they will refuse to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws in their county if passed into state law.

Although Montana gun control advocates have attempted to implement gun control laws, none have luckily yet successfully made it to Liberal Governor Steve Bullock‘s desk, who would likely sign them. As long as we keep voting for candidates who support firearms freedom. This likely won’t last forever considering the influx of voters coming from states who support gun control. Especially in the college towns, where non-resident students can vote even after living their only 30 days.

Watch, then share the video about other counties who have passed such resolutions with your county Sheriff. Then ask them to go on record for their support or opposition to such a resolution in your Montana county.

Has a cure for Chronic Wasting Disease been found? LSU Doctor optimistic [Video]

Dr. Frank Dastian, of Louisiana State University’s Department of Agriculture, believes the disease is caused by a previously undiscovered species of bacteria called spiroplasma, not prions. Bastian’s team is working on developing a diagnostic kit that would allow hunters to immediately test deer for the disease in the field. Their ultimate goal is to develop a vaccine. Watch the video, share and comment below.


The Pennsylvania Game Commission responded in a skeptical statement, saying “decades of research have provided abundant evidence that prions are the infectious agent of CWD. The commission said while alternative theories exist, they have not been thoroughly researched.

Poll: Should Montana Institute a Red Flag Law That Allows a Judge to Order Removal of Firearms?

A Red Flag Law is a law that permits police or family members to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may present a danger to others or themselves. A judge makes the determination to issue the order based on statements and actions made by the gun owner in question. Should Montana consider such a law? Read More at Wikipedia…

Should Montana Institute a Red Flag Law That Allows a Judge to Order Removal of Firearms?

Intellectual Ammunition | Mythology V.S. Facts of Gun Control [Video]

MRCTV – Intellectual Ammunition: Mythology v Facts of ‘Gun Control’

The term itself is prejudiced, and doesn’t allow for honest debate. It frames things within the comforting notion of “control”.

So, for example, protesters and politicians hold rallies calling for “sensible gun control”. We’ve seen it with the March for Our Lives rallies begun by a group of students from Parkland, Florida. They received mountains of attention and nary a worthwhile question from the dinosaur leftist pop media, and the ideological approach was that those who “oppose” their so-called “sensible” or “common sense” gun “controls” are cold-hearted, likely bigoted, reckless troglodytes who simply don’t understand”: More…