Billings School Children and Staff Left Defenseless For Now. Considering Armed SRO’s. – Billings schools won’t arm teachers for now

“BILLINGS – It is unlikely Billings Public School will arm its teachers amid a national discussion to protect students, but instead will continue to eye adding student resource officers (SRO) to patrol schools.

“I think whatever you do outside of the SRO needs to be well thought out and researched before being implemented,” said SD2 Supt. Terry Bouck.

Bouck told the Board of Trustees that a company would help train teachers but said he “likes going with SROs.”

Under Montana law, school boards have the authority to grant certain individuals, including teachers, the ability to carry guns on school property.

The district will add an officer to cover elementary schools, bringing the total of SROs to eight.

“I think when things happen, you don’t just kneejerk,” he said. “When guns are in buildings, you need accountability.”

SD2 is working with after school programs to ensure doors are locked, but a buzz-to-enter system is being worked out.

Mark Wahl, the district’s athletics and activities director, will receive more duties. Bouck announced Wahl will also spearhead emergency preparedness and school safety.

“Mark is absolutely a stellar person in whatever he does,” Bouck endorsed.

A safety forum for the community will be held late March or early April, Bouck said. Parents and community members are encouraged to attend when the final date is announced.”

Poll: Would you support or oppose a ban on the sale of semi-automatic rifles?

Current bills floating around Washington, DC would like to ban all semi-automatic rifles. What do you think, should guns that can fire a single round of ammo after every pull of the trigger until the magazine is empty be banned from sale in The United States? Vote, comment and share below.

Would you support or oppose a ban on the sale of semi-automatic rifles?

Who, what, when, where: What to know about the nationwide protest on March 14 [Video]

It sure does sound like gun control activists exploiting your children to implement gun control. What say you? Also, do you know who funds the Women’s March Network that ultimately sponsors these national School Walkouts? The same entities who support murdering over 3,000 babies per day, Planned parenthood.

Bitter Montana School Administrators Won’t Penalize Students for Political Walkout? – Kalispell Public Schools will not penalize students for March 14 walkouts.

“At schools nationwide student walkouts are being planned for March 14 under the #Enough movement. The walkouts follow last month’s Florida school shooting that claimed the lives of 17 people.

Some students in the Flathead are planning to join.

“I think it’s important to not ignore the voice of our students,” said Kalispell Public Schools Superintendent Mark Flatau.

The district will not penalize students who participate.

“These young people are, in some cases, literally months away from entering the world — the real world of public dialogue, of discussion on both local and national issues,” he said.

Last week school administrators at both Glacier High School and Flathead High School sent emails to parents to be transparent about the students’ plans.

Glacier High School will have a brief and voluntary walkout for a memorial commemorating the lives that were lost. Regular school attendance rules will apply after the 17-minute walkout.

At Flathead High School, Principal Michele Paine wrote the following in an email to parents:

“We have been monitoring student interest and concern over the recent school shooting in Florida on February 14. Although our student body has expressed deep sadness over this tragedy, no one has stepped forward to rally around any type of protest activity on March 14.”

Currently the plan at Flathead High School is to show a video commemorating the students in Parkland, Florida.

School administrators say any further student activity will happen outside of school hours.

Flatau says school administrators have held meetings with the student body and have not had any indication that they plan to advocate for gun control. However, he added he has no control over what their message ends up being.

“Can I predict what any student is going to do? No, I can’t, that’s the challenge of educating and managing nearly 5,900 students every day in Kalispell,” he said.”

Butte man charged after intimidating school, media outlet in phone calls [Video]

KXLF – BUTTE – “A 21-year-old Butte man faces felony charges after police allege he made angry phone calls to a school and a media outlet earlier this week.

Andrew James remains in jail Friday on two counts of privacy in communications. James is accused of using obscenities during the calls and the recipients of the calls felt intimidated, according to charging documents.

Butte police allege James made phone calls to Kennedy Elementary and to the NBC television station in which he was angry about statements in a news report that James appeared in earlier this week about a temporary lockdown at the Kennedy school.

Butte Undersheriff George Skuletich said the Kennedy school was temporarily locked down on March 2 after staff received a report a man was seen in the area walking with a gun. Police report James often walks in the N. Emmett Avenue with his firearms while on his way to the shooting range near Big Butte.

James did not walk by the school the day of the lockdown, but was at the shooting range, according to Skuletich. It is legal in Montana to openly carry firearms in public.”