Quotes from American politicians on their ultimate goal of gun bans and confiscation

The slideshow below shows a small sample of verified quotes from past and current members of the Democrat party. πŸ™‚

The ultimate goal of leading members of the aforementioned political party is assuredly complete gun bans. You might end up with a hinge action, single shot or maybe a muzzle-loader if its their choice. Because of course that was the predominant firearm when the 2nd Amendment was written. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. The Second Amendment had more to do with protection against a tyrannical government and less to do about hunting. Both of which we cherish and Montana knows better. Their plan begins with banning semi-automatics and high capacity magazines, then progresses from there. You won’t hear them admit it in their campaign speeches, unless the speech is being given to their far left leaning crowd. Or shortly before election day and in debates. Banning of all guns, voluntary buybacks and confiscation as needed, is always their ultimate goal. πŸ™‚

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