Poll: Should Montana build a wall around the state and have residency prerequisites?

To help keep out the riffraff, should Montana build a wall around the state, excluding the national parks, and require prerequisites listed below before allowing people to become new Montana residents? Vote in the polls and leave your comments below. 🙂
Great Wall of Montana

Should Montana build a wall around the state to help keep out the riffraff?

If a wall is built, what prerequisites should be required before allowing new potential residents inside of The Great Wall of Montana? Select as many of the existing answers and/or add your own.

What prerequisites would you mandate to anyone wanting to move to Montana if you could?
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And in ND… Minot Man defends himself with toy in violent thermostat spat

“Authorities say a heated argument over a turned-up thermostat in a mobile home took a violent turn when a Minot man punched his fiancĂ©e’s brother in the face and threatened him with a knife.” Read more and comment below.


“Police say the man tried to defend himself by hitting 33-year-old Cornelius Young with a children’s toy in the attack Friday.

Police say Young eventually left the home after his fiancée jumped on his back and bit his ear to distract him. Two children were present during the fight, but neither was injured.

The Minot Daily News reports that Young is charged with felony terrorizing. Court documents don’t list an attorney who can speak on his behalf, and a home telephone listing couldn’t be found.” Source: Kulr8