Poll: Should Montana build a wall around the state and have residency prerequisites?

To help keep out the riffraff, should Montana build a wall around the state, excluding the national parks, and require prerequisites listed below before allowing people to become new Montana residents? Vote in the polls and leave your comments below. 🙂
Great Wall of Montana

Should Montana build a wall around the state to help keep out the riffraff?

If a wall is built, what prerequisites should be required before allowing new potential residents inside of The Great Wall of Montana? Select as many of the existing answers and/or add your own.

What prerequisites would you mandate to anyone wanting to move to Montana if you could?
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Poll: What cities, towns or locations are the best places to retire in Montana?

Vote for as many of your favorite places to retire in Montana as you like or add your favorite location below. Login and leave your detailed comments about why you chose what you did below.

What is the best place to retire in Montana?
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Reflex Protect | A non-lethal defense product being used in Polson School District [Video]

Originally designed for hospitals, Reflex Protect is a last resort, non lethal defense tool. Polson is the first school in the country to try it. Watch the video, login and make your comments about it below.

Should Montana public school staff who are properly trained & certified, have the option to carry a concealed weapon on campus?

Poll: Who will you be voting for in the U.S. House of Representatives election in November?

Vote in the local poll, login and leave your comments about why you’re voting the way you are below. Click REVOTE to change your answer.

Who will you be voting for in the United States House of Representatives election in Montana in 2018

President Trump’s Make America Great Again Rally at Billings MetraPark 9/6/18 [Full Video]

President Trump visits Big Sky Country once again for another Make America Great Again Rally. As well as to support Republican objectives and Matt Rosendale for the upcoming election. Watch the video, Take the poll, Login if not already and share your local comments below.

Who Will You Be Voting For In The 2018 Montana Senate Election?