Poll: Abolish the Montana income tax and replace it with a sales tax? Vote & Discuss

With all of the recent talk about the addition of a state sales tax in Montana, what do you think? Should Montana consider abolishing the state income tax and replace it with a sales tax? Would the potential volatility of depending on tourism for taxes be too undependable?

One good thing about a sales tax is that anyone who visits the state will pay taxes, mostly tourists in Montana, but even illegal aliens. This is one of the primary reasons many of the “Sanctuary” states love their illegal aliens so much. Illegal aliens pay billions in taxes in California alone every year. Vote in the poll, Share and share your comments below.

Should Montana abolish the state income tax and replace it with a state sales tax?

Poll: Should rifle accessories that modify a semi automatic rifle’s ability to simulate automatic fire be banned?

Take the poll at Montana Gun Owners

Poll: Should Bump Fire Rifle Stocks and related accessories be regulated, banned or left alone? – Montana Gun Owners

Give your elected representatives the ammo they need to help make a better decision about bump fire stocks. Also be sure to contact them. Select from current choices or add your own answer below. Share and discuss in the comments below. Comment with Facebook or use the Montana Gun Owners local form below.

Poll: If we build a free Montana classifieds section at this website, will you use it?

I have built several classifieds sites over the years. They take a lot of time and energy to tweak and get right. And then noone ends up using them! Before I do it again, I thought I’d ask first. Remember: Craigslist and Facebook groups don’t allow guns and ammunition. This site being localized obviously would. In order to keep the scumbags out, we may have to require registration. Vote in the poll to let me know if its worth making the time. Share and leave your comments about it below.

If we build a Montana classifieds section to this local site, will you promise to use it?