Poll: Should rifle accessories that modify a semi automatic rifle’s ability to simulate automatic fire be banned?

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Poll: Should Bump Fire Rifle Stocks and related accessories be regulated, banned or left alone? – Montana Gun Owners

Give your elected representatives the ammo they need to help make a better decision about bump fire stocks. Also be sure to contact them. Select from current choices or add your own answer below. Share and discuss in the comments below. Comment with Facebook or use the Montana Gun Owners local form below.

Poll: If we build a free Montana classifieds section at this website, will you use it?

I have built several classifieds sites over the years. They take a lot of time and energy to tweak and get right. And then noone ends up using them! Before I do it again, I thought I’d ask first. Remember: Craigslist and Facebook groups don’t allow guns and ammunition. This site being localized obviously would. In order to keep the scumbags out, we may have to require registration. Vote in the poll to let me know if its worth making the time. Share and leave your comments about it below.

If we build a Montana classifieds section to this local site, will you promise to use it?

Poll: What do you believe can be done to help reduce the number of mass shootings?

So I’ve been blocked from Facebook again for a month for being firearms friendly. You’re surprised right? I’ll post here until I get back out of Facebook Jail. Share this poll with all of your friends and tell them to subscribe by email here to get updates.
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What do you believe can be done to help reduce the number of mass shootings?
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Poll: What do you think should be done to help reduce the number of future forest fires in Montana?

Dozens of forest fires are currently turning much of our Montana to ashes in 2017.

Thousands of firefighters are giving it their all, and even some their lives, to help battle these powerfully fueled blazes in severe drought and high temperatures.

Thousands of Montanans have been displaced. Many temporarily and some permanently as their homes, ranches and farms have been destroyed.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent with no end in sight as to what further costs will be.

Pine Beetle kill and the drought we’re experiencing this year are both major contributors to this years amount of devastation. As she’s done countless times before, Mother nature seems to have her own plans as to how to clean up the mess. But what can we do, if anything at all?

Select from existing poll answers or add your suggestions below about how we can move forward and help prevent future forest fires in Montana.

What do you believe should be done to help reduce the increasing number of future forest fires occurring in Montana?
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Poll: What should happen with the Confederate Memorial Fountain & its location in Helena?

According to our limited local poll here, most of our visitors do not want it removed at all. But whether you agree with the decision or not, it has been made for you. What do you believe should be done with the fountain and the area now that the Helena City Council has unanimously decided to remove the Confederate Memorial Fountain? Will they listen or further dictate? Vote, ReVote for an existing or add your suggestion and comment below. Please keep your answers as short and concise as possible.

What should now happen with the Confederate Memorial Fountain and its location in Helena?
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