Poll: Should Montana Hunters Be Required by Law to Carry Bear Spray? IGBC thinks so.

The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee has petitioned Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to require hunters to carry Bear Spray. Do you believe that Montana hunters should be required by law to carry Bear Spray while hunting? Vote in the poll, share and comment below.

Should Montana Hunters Be Required by Law to Carry Bear Spray?

The National Park Service has a maintenance backlog totaling $11.3 billion. Should fees go up?

“Under the plan, visitors driving into 17 of the most popular national parks, mostly in the U.S. West, would pay $70 per vehicle during the peak summer season, up from $25 or $30 per vehicle now. Annual $80 passes for federal lands would not change, though fees would go up for pedestrians and motorcyclists. The higher fees would apply only during the five busiest contiguous months for parks. For most that’s May through September when many families are on vacation.” Share and comment below. Read More…

Wall Tent and Frame Stolen from Hunting Camp by Seeley Lake

In a Facebook post on the 29th, Montana Weekend Warriors posted this about a stolen hunting camp tent and frame:

“Warriors Tony Peretto needs your help : This weekend we showed to to camp to find that it tent and frame was stolen… We have trail cam pics of everybody who came in and out… Just want it returned, no questions asked, if we find it then others will be involved… Can you guys help out please? Camp is located at the North fork of placid Creek above Seeley lake…”

Contact them here if you have any information that can help.