Poll: Prerequisites for moving to Montana?

What prerequisites would you mandate to anyone wanting to move to Montana if you could?
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PETA targets Billings police for handing out Turkeys instead of tickets

“On Nov. 8, Billings police officers handed out 20 donated frozen turkeys instead of tickets. In a letter dated Nov. 14, signed by PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman, the animal rights group said the vegan alternative to the traditional turkey would appeal to those in the state “who don’t eat meat for religious or environmental reasons or because they know how cruel factory farming and the slaughter of turkeys really are.” Read more to laugh your butt off, like, share and comment below. πŸ™‚

PETA takes aim at Billings police for Turkey giveaway

BILLINGS – The national animal rights group PETA has written a letter to the Billings Police Department offering to donate Tofurkey roasts to the department. In a letter dated Nov.

Meet Helena’s First Democrat Black Mayor Since The Republican Black Mayor in 1873 [Video]

Congratulations to Mayor Collins for being the second African American Mayor elected in Helena, Montana since the Civil War!

The current news media cycle since the election seems to be discrediting the actual first mayor of Helena, probably because he was a Republican shortly after the civil war. They claim it was not “official” because it was not yet incorporated. The first African American Mayor of Helena, according to the Montana Historical Society, was actually a Republican named E.T Johnson – Edward T. Johnson. Read more about it at The Helena Independent Record. Watch the video, like, share and comment below. πŸ™‚