Owners of ‘Breaking Bad’ house put up fence to stop fans from tossing pizza on roof [Video]

And in New Mexico… “The homeowners of the Albuquerque home that appeared in the popular AMC series reportedly endured years of people visiting their house and throwing pizza on the roof, mimicking a scene when drug kingpin Walter White angrily threw a pie on top of the garage.” See More…

Senators Steve Daines and Jon Tester talk Montana Wildfires on Senate Floor [Videos]

Sen. Steve Daines & Jon Tester spoke on the Senate floor bringing attention to the wildfires currently burning across the state.

We are literally importing lumber from out of state, and even out of the country to keep our Montana lumber mills productive.

American main stream media needs 1000 more journalists like Courtenay DeHoff [Video]

I would bet money that a the majority of Americans would agree with John L. Moore, Montana Author, that “We need 1000 more Courtenay Dehoffs”. Watch the video about the fire ravaged Northwest. Share and comment below and Thank You Courtenay!