Will Cosmic anomaly cause record-breaking snowfall in Montana this winter?

“Fake article claims that Montana will face “devastating” winter. Despite what some people are seeing on Facebook, there is no truth to the report that a “cosmic anomaly” will cause record-breaking snowfall in Montana this winter.” Read more and comment below.


“The bogus claim originated on a website called React365.com which states meteorologists at “NASA’s Charles Darwin Research Facility” announced that record snowfalls will hit the “entire Northwest Corridor,” with snow levels predicted to reach 34 feet in January, and winds of up to 120 miles per hour.” Source: ktvq.com

This Weatherman Reveals the Secret To Defrosting Your Windshield In SECONDS [Video]

Today’s winter weather tip comes to us from a weather man in Tennessee. Aside from no snow to shovel off of the car first, he should know right? One I haven’t personally seen before. I’d still want it to be cold water. I’m pretty sure even this being hot water would break your window. You could always just start it on fire afterwards. That would do it. Share and comment below.