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Polls can be powerful for marketing and statistics to help your local business or products. They can be very effective if used and promoted properly.

They are mostly used for politics. They can be used as we’ve seen in the news media in attempts to influence election outcomes. Polls are often used and even manipulated by their creators, giving people false confidence that their candidate will probably win. Visitors may vote in and see their poll with overwhelming results for their candidate, then NOT show up to the ballot box as they should. Some Pollsters count on this! One should NEVER, EVER allow polls of any kind, shape or form dictate their attendance at the ballot box! The fact that attempts to manipulate you with poll results are even happening, should motivate you to vote EVEN MORE to Get to the polls, no matter what, every single time there is an election!

The 2016 presidential election was a perfect example of why polls should NOT EVER be trusted to dictate whether you should vote or not.

Create your own polls!
A new option we now have for members of Meanwhile, In Montana is that they can now create Community Polls anywhere, even in groups! Click the Poll button below the status bar to create a poll on either your personal profile just for your friends or on the Community Stream. Or even in your favorite Meanwhile, In Montana Groups! Find more details, make comments and suggestions about making and promoting polls below.

Member Polls
Member Polls are only visible to other logged in members. After clicking the poll button, ask your question in the status area. All polls remain OPEN until you delete them. If you plan to use the results in a meme, etc, be sure to take a screenshot before you delete them. You’re welcome to leave them active forever if you like. Add as many poll options as you want. You can also allow voters to select multiple answers.

Public Polls
Public Polls at Meanwhile, In Montana are different from member polls in that they are NOT based on membership tallies. Most polls that you see online that have any validity to them at all, are based on a visitors IP address. Unfortunately when using IP address and the voters know it, they can cheat in these polls by changing their IP address. This is why polls will give an error margin of 3-5%. They know that results from an average number of people voting are likely bullshit. Our public polls here are also based on IP address. An IP address can only vote ONCE!

The biggest benefit to Public Polls is that you can share it anywhere! Take a random poll and like, share or comment below!

Take a random Public Poll and leave your comments and suggestions below. Contact the administrator if you have an idea for a new Public Poll.

Do you Approve or Disapprove of America Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord?

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