Facebook-Free website? Is it even possible? Or is facebook a necessary evil?

After being blocked from Facebook again now on four different occasions, spurred simply by visitors to popular posts who have a different opinion than myself or others who post, or by facebook changing the rules at the end of the game making it impossible to comply, this particular website developer sure wishes he could be done with facebook. That is part of the inspiration behind this local site. Many of us would already be gone if not for being a necessary evil for a website to exist today. And Facebook knows it.

The Meanwhile, In Montana Facebook page consistently has over one million average organic (not paid) reaches because we share good stuff! I guess because we don’t pay them, they don’t like us.

I personally find it very interesting given the political season is in full swing, that Facebook minions have found a reason to block someone who thinks conservatively, and has a conservatively significant audience full of potential conservative voters. They’ve blocked me now for no legitimate reason, one month prior to the 2016 presidential election. Is it because of the potential influence and relatively high engagement a local page like Meanwhile, in Montana Facebook page has on voters in Montana?

After banning firearms buy, sell and trade groups, limiting firearms industry advertisers and blocking pages that don’t have the same political opinion, why do we keep going back? Because its a necessary evil and we’re phucking hypocrites with few other choices that will likely ever be as populated. Facebook has taken over the social network world.

There is no question that mob rule is the banning and blocking process at facebook. If you are not of the socialist, democrat persuasion, your posts will not be seen and the liberal trolls can easily get you blocked. On top of that, Facebook gives someone who is blocked unjustly, no way to refute this bullshit.

I will do my damnedest to keep out liberal facebook code and script at this website. Unfortunately, without at least share buttons, your website will simply not exist.