9/25/2016 – Blocked From Facebook Again….

This Montana Facebook Page builder has been blocked from Facebook for no legitimate reason, again.


The young lady in the screenshot photo below sent that private message to the Meanwhile, in Montana Facebook page.


I took out her name and even removed her nasty language before posting it to the page with a simple ” I have no idea what you’re talking about. But have a nice day 🙂 ” comment above it.

There were/are currently over 50,000 likes at that page and growing quickly. I do not, nor have ever shared profane content because I do not believe it is necessary.

With visitors I am very “liberal” with what I allow people to post. I like freedom but especially the First and Second Amendments. I lean towards the republican side of politics but honestly prefer a more libertarian type of government. I often share humorous photos, memes and links related to politics about all political parties. I believe this young lady may have been offended by a humorous political post about Hillary Clinton. Anyone who doesn’t support that miserable, lying hag is racist. I can’t be sure of this because she did not specify in her message.

I would imagine I was blocked because someone reported that post for some reason. Facebook then decided in their superior, infinite wisdom that it somehow violated their terms of use and thus have blocked me for 30 days.

My history with “violating” Facebook’s terms began with them changing their terms of use regarding private firearms sales.

Before they started this communist policy change I had spent years pumping firearms friendly links into facebook. At that time they were allowed. Most of these were simply private and gun dealer postings at  Montana gun classified and other MontanaGuns local sites.

Due to the sheer volume of posts it was literally impossible for me to remove all of these links. They used this as an excuse to block me again. Gun owners who once used facebook groups to sell firearms may also remember the blocking issue. I personally started the Big Sky Gun Trader Facebook Group. That group was blocked and me along with it.

While on my second suspension of seven days I started the Montana Gun Trader website to give users a locally owned and operated firearms friendly location to use.

I don’t personally see how this violates their terms. But I guess all it takes is a few whiny little girls to get someone booted.