What are Featured Ads? How do they help me sell faster? How do they help fund the site?

Keeping free localized websites like this alive when you buck the system that 70% of websites use by refusing to use browser intrusive Google pay per click or pay per impression type ads is tough! Call me a stubborn Montanan, but I will shut this site down before I violate yours or my browser with that garbage! I actually prefer that people purchase through sponsor links to help fund the site! And of course we also appreciate donations!

Another way to help fund this site is by purchasing Featured Marketplace Ads. It’s not as good as buying ammo for yourself, but it does beat giving a donation because it also helps you sell your stuff faster! Featured Marketplace Ads are highlighted in blue and stick to the top of all listings chronologically on the Marketplace Page.

Prices for our basic Featured Ads here are also lower then even basic posting cost for all Montana news media classifieds sites!

Featured Ads also appear below every ad. Of course sales boil down to what people are looking for. But when photos are added to catch visitor attention, featured ads typically receive five times the traffic as regular ads! Click Post Ad and select the option you want. Complete the transaction through PayPal using an account or by credit card. Don’t have anything to sell but still want to help fund the site? Buy ammo from sponsors at Top Ammunition Sites or visit the Donate Page to send money by credit card or Paypal account.

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