Meanwhile, In Montana Facebook Page primary admin blocked yet again

Why did the primary admin and creator of the Meanwhile, In Montana Facebook Page get blocked yet again for thirty days, shortly before the 2018 mid term elections? Is it because my political opinion is different than theirs and the grass roots type pages we’ve built have a combined reach of well over 100,000 followers, mostly Montanans, possibly influencing voters in the next election? I think yes.

We all know that Facebook is politically bias and lean very hard towards the left side of the political spectrum. They even admit it. I have now been blocked numerous times very near prime political dates. Hell, simply look at the pinned post on the top of the page. They never actually have a legitimate excuse and no way to refute it. I am likely blocked because I share things that are not leaning left. It’s their business and they are entitled to set whatever standards they want. Even if they are double standards. Precisely why this website has been developed. Those who follow know this and have joined this website for this purpose.

If you’re wondering why I’ve been blocked for 30 days this time, it was was for posting a photo which they claim violated their community standards. I titled the photos as a group “Where did all of this violent political rhetoric start?” as a response to Democrats claiming the violent rhetoric started with Republicans. Which is clearly and obviously false if your head is not stuck in the sand for the last three years.

This single photo within the group was the one that got me blocked with the group of photos title being “Where did all of this violent political rhetoric start?”. The entire post is embedded below.

Here are all of the photos in case they block that post too.

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