Meanwhile, In Montana is Live!

530Howdy! If you were wondering where I was for a month, I was blocked from facebook again. Did you miss me? I thought so.

I’ve setup again so you can always find posts, even if blocked. 🙂

Aside from of course the necessary evil share buttons and comment boxes, we’ll keep this Montana locally owned and operated site as Facebook-Free as we can.

If you get blocked for sharing posts from this site to facebook, it isn’t my fault! See The Terms of Use before you post or share!

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As a born and raised Montanan, I very much enjoy sharing links and information that some socialist, social networks may not agree with. The risk of depending on such a socialist network is that if someone gets their feelings hurt, the page we’ve mutually spent years building and now has well over 50,000 followers suddenly disappears because someone gets their feelings hurt.

As Independent Montanans know, this level of dependence on self appointed social network PC Police, is simply not acceptable. This site is being built to help solve some of that. This site is free and always will be and requires no registration to post. Users cannot flag other users. Grow some thick skin if you do choose to partake. Use your real name when posting comments, if you’re tough enough.

This site was inspired by the Meanwhile, In Montana Facebook page. This domain was obtained because we all know that Facebook is a socialist mob rule network where liberal, left wing lunatics can easily be allowed to exercise blocking of what most people believe to be common sense.

Montanans also have much thicker skin than many others. Which means that although we may have different opinions, we’re not easily offended for the most part, nor do we need a baby sitter or safe space to cower in when someone disagrees with us.  If we do realize we may be wrong, we can suck it up and adapt or just agree to disagree and carry on.

Facebook is a website built by a thief. Someone who stole the idea from someone else and is now a multi billionaire who controls nearly every aspect of billions of users online lives and behavior around the world. But we just keep going back because it has become an almost necessary evil, especially for business. Unless you are a firearms friendly business of course. You can still give them free content to help build their SEO. But you cannot advertise in their network or risk being blocked.

Just like Google and other non local Yahoo’s, Facebook profits immensely from content provided by its members. Is it time for people to take back the internet from these monsters who control every aspect of your life?

Visitors to this site can easily like and dislike posts and comments and leave comments on new articles posted just like facebook, but without having to register. The difference here is that those sensitive types can’t get you blocked like Facebook. It all boils down to local admins.