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Poll: 80% of Montanans so far believe recreational marijuana should be legalized

As of 4/20/2018, 80% of voters in the local poll attached believe Montana should legalize recreational marijuana useage. What do you think? Take the poll and leave your yay or nay comments below.

Should Montana Legalize Recreational Marijuana Usage?

WYWIWYG: What You Want Is What You Get – What REAL “Complete User Control” Looks Like

In his recent testimony to congress, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook claimed the users of his website have “Complete User Control” over their content and what they see at his site.

Those of us who use Facebook know this isn’t completely true. They change things regularly without even telling us. And the more people actually look into it, the more they find enormous amounts of evidence contradicting that.

Between selling your data, categorizing you politically into Very Liberal, Liberal, Moderate, Conservative or Very Conservative, adjusting your timeline to suit their advertising agenda, limiting conservative and even some liberal posts and pages, tracking user browsing even after you log out and allowing trolls to dictate who gets blocked, the secrets just seem to keep on coming and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Is it time for more options? Maybe even a locally owned, operated and administered option with privacy we deserve and options you can’t get at Facebook?

A huge reason for the re-development of this site and the addition of the social networking system, is to give users back what they’ve lost at other sites and allow them to re-take control of their feed and content at a made in Montana alternative to Facebook. Not only do we have a secure social networking system, we also have an alternative to Craigslist in our Classifieds Marketplace, which is better than Craigslist for Montana in that it is firearms friendly and they are NOT! It can also be used by non-members. although ads cannot be managed without membership.

Members here own their content. They see all posts from everyone on their news feed, in order from latest at the top, period! Posts from all members appear chronologically, without magical algorithms of any kind and never will!

Simply Register, Login and browse the Community Timeline. There you will by default, see all posts. As the site gets busier and you want to fine tune your timeline, set the Community Feed to only those you follow. By default, those you follow are friends and groups. You can also follow posts from member profiles that you are NOT friends with.

To follow another member you are NOT friends with, click Follow on their profile page.

WYWIWYG – What You Want Is What You Get – At the new local social network.

Governor Bullock keeps door open for White House bid during Iowa visit

KTVH – Bullock keeps door open for White House bid during Iowa visit

“It’s never too early in Iowa to start thinking about the next presidential election.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock was in Des Moines on Friday to campaign for fellow Democrats in the 2018 election, including his personal friend, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller.

Bullock’s name has also popped up on the lists of top Democrats to consider for a potential White House bid in 2020.

Iowa is a common stopping ground for prospective candidates to feel out a possible White House bid. The Hawkeye State has the first presidential caucuses in the nation, and voters there are used to seeing politicians from around the country stop by.

Bullock took a tour of businesses outside of Des Moises to introduce himself. He also spoke to area residents and learned more about one of the key states in the early election caucuses.

“First of all, I have a great job being the governor of Montana, but I’m like so many others, concerned about the direction of this country and the direction of our Democratic party. So to get down and talk to folks to be here, I think it’s important to be part of that conversation. But 2020 is a long way off for sure,” Bullock said.

“And I don’t think that Iowans or Montanans are defined by their political party. They are defined by whether or not folks are going to be fighting for them, like Congressman (Dave) Loebsack, or like Tom Miller does here in Iowa,” he added.

Bullock still has more than a year and a half let in his final term as governor. This summer, he will become the new chairman of the National Governors Association.”

If Governor Steve Bullock runs for president in 2020, what chance is there that you'll be voting for him?

Facebook has you labeled as Very Liberal, Liberal, Moderate, Conservative or Very Conservative

A meme floating around claims that Facebook has you categorized as Very Liberal, Liberal, Moderate, Conservative or Very Conservative.

The meme claims you can find out how they have you categorized by going to Facebook>your settings>ads>your information>your categories>US Politics to find out how they label you.

Thinking this must be a joke, I checked my own……

Low and behold, they have done just that. By the pages I follow, engagement, friends or other mysterious algorithms even they probably don’t understand, I am labeled by the all knowing and completely unbiased Facebook as “Very Conservative”.

Is this ONLY for displaying specific advertising to me? Do they sell that data to advertisers? You bet they do! Thats how they became a multi-billion dollar company.

For The Record! This is another specific reason this website has been built. None of that bullshit will EVER happen at this Montana Local Social Network! 🙂