Poll: What Nickname Do You Think Montanans Would Suggest That President Trump Give To Steve Bullock?

President Trump has a nack for giving his political opponents from all sides of the political spectrum nicknames. Humorous nicknames that seem to stick well and ring with most media outlets and supporters for years to come.

With Montana Governor Steve Bullock throwing his hat in the crowded democratic ring for president, what nickname do you think Montanans would suggest President Trump gives to Steve?

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Suggest a nickname to President Donald J. Trump for potential president Steve Bullock!

What Nickname Do You Think Montanans Would Suggest That President Trump Give To Governor Steve Bullock?
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POLL: Majority Think MT SHOULD Implement Electoral College Type System to Avoid MOB RULE Elections

Steve Bullock DID NOT WIN in Rural Montana! He won only 13 of 56 total Montana counties in 2016.

While now running for president, Governor Steve Bullock is on the campaign trail CONSTANTLY touting his VERY SLIM victory in Montana.

Steve Bullock grew up a city boy. He has been a lawyer, a politician starting as attorney general and now a governor. A city boy from a liberal Montana city, who is very good at working the POPULAR VOTE MOB RULE state election system to his advantage. And he’s not JFK ladies.

Montana is of course mostly rural and is a mostly Trump won state. But Steve Bullock DID NOT WIN the Governors Race in RURAL Montana! He did not win Rural Montana in his first election or his re-election! Kennedy Democrats, he isn’t your guy!

Governor Steve Bullock won the governors race by squeaking in within the last few hours! Because a near completely red map throughout the majority of polls closing, turns more blue towards the end after they count the liberal college city votes! Are they stuffing the ballot boxes or simply using the popular vote system to their advantage?

We literally have an opposing system to that of national ELECTORAL COLLEGE system! The same one that got Trump elected! If we didn’t have the electoral college, Hillary Clinton would have been elected, BY A HUGE MARGIN! Why shouldn’t state elections be managed the same way? By LOCALLY ELECTED ELECTORS for each COUNTY! Like the SHERIFF!

The same way that almost all Montana elections go anymore! Montana governors and many other officials are elected by popular vote! NOT THE WAY TRUMP WAS ELECTED, which is THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE! It’s no different than if popular vote dictated presidential elections. California and New York would decide who the president is. Corrupt Hillary Clinton would now be the president!

Should all Montana state election outcomes be dictated by Metropolitan cities like Missoula and Bozeman? Or should Montana use an electoral college type system where an elected county elector such as the Sheriff makes the vote? Take the poll below!

If you’ve ever noticed in Montana elections, a majority of rural Montana votes up until the last few hours of an election always favor Republicans and truly rural Montana. The main reason for this is that the metropolitan areas have more people and COLLEGES!

College students in Montana from out of state simply have to say that they will stay in Montana to be able to vote after only 30 days of residency! Should that even be possible?

Is it not interesting that these same towns always come squeaking in at the last minute and pull off a win for Democrats? An Electoral College types system consisting of COMMUNITY BASED ELECTED OFFICIALS serving as TRULY LOCAL ELECTORS!


Should Montana implement an Electoral College type system for in state elections to better represent rural areas?
  • Yes 84%, 498 votes
    498 votes 84%
    498 votes - 84% of all votes
  • No 16%, 95 votes
    95 votes 16%
    95 votes - 16% of all votes
Total Votes: 593
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Look closely at the last Governors race map above. Vote in the poll then make your comments and opinions known below.

Bullock Bullshitting Voters

Watch Governor Steve Bullock on Morning Joe: It’s A Dangerous Time, And I Can Bridge Divides [Video]

Governor Bullock is really touting his having held the Governor’s seat in Montana Trump Country on Morning Joe and several other liberal news media shows. Is he overplaying his hand? Watch him bash Trump, spin his tale, then leave your comments and take the poll below.

If a Presidential Election were held today between Steve Bullock and Donald Trump, who would you vote for?

Facebook Thinks WE ARE ALL SO STUPID That We Cannot Differentiate Between Real News & Satire!

Facebook Thinks We Are All So Stupid That We Can No Longer Be Trusted to Differentiate Between What Their Fact Checkers Believe is Real News, Fake News and Satire! So They are Going to Protect Us All Whether We Like it or Not by Blocking Content!

We share these things because they are funny! But apparently they don’t think you can handle that! In another round of protecting us from ourselves, the brilliant minds and decision makers at facebook have decided to censor content based on third part “Fact Checkers” debunking the news. Below are a few of the most recent stories you probably didn’t see because they are going to Limit the Meanwhile, In Montana Facebook Page reach.

A few of the links shared that they recently protected you from at our Facebook page, that if you had any common sense at all would tell you are completely bull shit are:

“CDC Admits Measles Outbreak is Caused by People From Other Countries Who Enter the US and Spread Disease”

“Couple Having Sex Outdoors in Bigfoot Costumes Gets Accidentally Shot by Hunters”


“Woman Gives Birth to Black Child and Blames Her Husband for Drinking Too Much Coffee”

What do you think? Do you like Facebook censoring content that their self proclaimed Fact Checkers deem fake, real or satire? Join Here to avoid all of that nonsense. The only links that will ever be removed will be from unsafe sites with malicious links, scripts or codes.

Leave your comments and even some funny link below about Facebook’s censoring of content without fear of that nonsense ever happening here.

Global Warming Where All Glaciers Will Melt & Millions Will Drown by 2050? Or Another Ice Age? [Videos]

According to an animation from Business Insider, we’re all going to die from Global Warming by 2050. Or at least anyone living just above sea levels now if we don’t all, Americans that is, pay a massive tax to fiscally irresponsible governments to save us all. Or is an ice age coming soon? The latter seems more like the case in my opinion. And based a lot more on actual science and history instead of cow farts.

Global Warming or is an Ice Age Coming? Spoiler Alert: Climate change has absolutely nothing to do with this. 🙂