Poll: Group Proposes 2020 State Ballot Initiative to Legalize Recreational Marijuana [Video]

KTVH – A new group is seeking to let voters decide for themselves if the recreational use of marijuana should be legalized in the Treasure State. Coalition406 announced their intentions to create a 2020 state ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana for adults in Montana and establish a system to tax and regulate it similarly to alcohol. Read more, share, take the poll and make your comments and discuss below.


Legalization efforts across the country have seen growing support in recent years with recreational use currently legalized in 10 states.

A February 2019 poll by University of Montana researchers found a majority, 51 percent, of registered Montana voters support legalizing marijuana.

Coalition406 believes the legalization and taxation of marijuana would generate millions of dollars in revenue that could be used to fund healthcare, education and infrastructure.

“Coalition406 will sponsor a statewide listening tour over the coming weeks to discuss preliminary thoughts for a November 2020 initiative to hear from real Montanans on this issue,” said Coalition406 campaign manager, Ted Dick.

Dick is no stranger to the Montana political landscape having previously served as Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party.

25,468 signatures will be needed to get an initiative on the 2020 ballot.

Should Montana Legalize Recreational Marijuana Usage?
  • Yes 78%, 1275 votes
    1275 votes 78%
    1275 votes - 78% of all votes
  • No 22%, 353 votes
    353 votes 22%
    353 votes - 22% of all votes
Total Votes: 1628
Only registered users can vote in this poll. Please Login to vote.

Montana deputy’s dash cam captures beaver dragging branch across road [Video]

KTVQ – It’s not every day you see a beaver dragging a tree branch across the road, but that’s exactly what a Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy witnessed. Deputy Kirk Kraft captured the beaver’s trek across Highway 2 south of Libby last fall. “I’ve been commuting that route as a deputy for 30 years, and this was definitely a first for me,” Kraft said. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office shared the video with the public Monday.

Toxic Fumes From Faulty or Neglected Windmills That Start On Fire Probably Cause Cancer

I don’t know if the sound from Windmills causes cancer or not. I’ve certainly heard stranger things. Toxic smoke that spews from them when they are faulty or neglected might. What do you think about power generation from windmills in Montana? I can think of a few places that Windmills might work for that. I’m not convinced it’s a practical solution however.

By the time you pump massive amounts of money and non-biodegradable resources into building them, placing them and then maintaining them, are they realistic? What do you think? Should Montana invest in Windmill Power Generation? Share and leave your comments below.

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Legislative Alert! – Contact Your Reps! Tell Them To Support HB 406 to Fund The Great Wall of Montana!!

Representative Joe Blow(R) from Absarokee will introduce HB406 in the State Legislature on Tuesday April 2nd, 2019.

Passage of this bill would fund the creation of a 45 foot border wall around Montana with heavily armed Montana Home Guard volunteers on patrol, in addition to a 150 yard mine field which will also include a free 50 yard shooting range around the entire state border. The Wall will exclude Glacier and Yellowstone National parks. The only ports of entry will be in the national parks.

Montana has shown an overwhelming amount of support (86%) for said wall. See and take the poll below.

Missoula, Bozeman and other progressive cities residents that voted predominantly for liberals would be purged of said communists. They would then be deported to California by large catapult. Catapult funding is also included in the bill. Contact your Representatives and tell them to support HB406 before complete Californication is achieved!

Should Montana build a wall around the state to help keep out the riffraff?

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