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Where is Meanwhile, In Montana on Facebook? Why was he blocked again?

The Meanwhile, In Montana Facebook Page admin is probably in Facebook jail again for exhibiting thick skinned Montana culture on their snowflake socialist social network. I have been banned on numerous occasions on Facebook over the years. Enjoy a few details below. 🙂 Only once have I been blocked so far for posting something that […]

Firearms Friendly Montana Facebook Pages and Admins Blocked

Is it just a coincidence that firearms friendly Facebook pages and administrators like me get blocked on the exact same day as the horrible shooting that took place in Las Vegas? Register here now to be part of a firearms friendly local social network. Gun loving Montanans can register at Montana Gun Classifieds to enable […]

Blocked from facebook again for 30 days [Video]

So I share a video on Facebook from another page on Facebook and I get booted for a month. How is that even possible? If they’re that offended, why don’t they just delete the video? Anyways, those who are following these posts by email, be sure to share this post on Facebook and tell your […]

Where is Meanwhile, In Montana? Blocked from Facebook yet again….

The Meanwhile, In Montana Facebook page founder had been illegitimately blocked once again from posting to Facebook. That time for 30 days. But don’t worry, I’ll still share your favorite posts here, visit the News Feed to see new posts and comment using our system to avoid getting reported by Facebook post Nazi’s. Read the […]

9/25/2016 – Blocked From Facebook Again….

This Montana Facebook Page builder has been blocked from Facebook for no legitimate reason, again. The young lady in the screenshot photo below sent that private message to the Meanwhile, in Montana Facebook page. I took out her name and even removed her nasty language before posting it to the page with a simple ” […]