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Facebook-Free website? Is it even possible? Or is facebook a necessary evil?

After being blocked from Facebook again now on four different occasions, spurred simply by visitors to popular posts who have a different opinion than myself or others who post, or by facebook changing the rules at the end of the game making it impossible to comply, this particular website developer sure wishes he could be […]

Over 50,000 Likes, 100+ notification subscribers and counting……

Before being grounded needlessly from posting by Facebook, the Meanwhile, In Montana Facebook page had over 50,000 likes and growing and over 100 notification subscribers. Who else is tired of these giant buffoons and post Nazi’s controlling the information you can see, share and post?

Meanwhile, In Montana is Live!

Howdy! If you were wondering where I was for a month, I was blocked from facebook again. Did you miss me? I thought so. I’ve setup again so you can always find posts, even if blocked. 🙂 Aside from of course the necessary evil share buttons and comment boxes, we’ll keep this Montana locally […]