Poll: 94% so far believe basic firearms safety training should be taught in public schools

Although there is no way of knowing for certain, it is believed that from 60-90 percent of homes in Montana have firearms. The likelihood that a child will at some point come in contact with a gun is very high. Should children be taught in schools about basic firearms safety, whether they have guns in their homes or not? At what age should we begin teaching our kids about gun safety? Take the polls, comment and share below.

Fundamental firearms safety training should be taught in Montana public schools.
At what age do you believe basic firearms safety training in Montana should begin?
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SCM Perhaps the second question needs rephrased. If you're talking about public schools beginning Firearm safety courses you should probably only have school ages there. While I believe children should be taught safety as soon as they are old enough to show interest (1-3yrs), I believe this should be done at home as they obviously won't be in school yet.
04/27/2018 4:04 pm
JJ Definitely yes!
04/29/2018 2:55 pm
MTman725 Just a measure of safety, to save just one accident, one life its worth it.
07/22/2018 12:22 am