Poll: If the next presidential election were held today, who would you vote for?

Oprah Winfrey has shown interest and is being encouraged to run for President of the United States. Much like the polls that miserably failed to identify the last presidential race, their polls again show their favored potential candidate in the lead.

Let’s try one of our own. In a scenario where all other candidates have been eliminated and a Presidential Election between Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump were held today, who would you be voting for? Vote in the poll, share and comment below.

If an election for President of the United States were held today, who would you vote for?

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Kellie Self Trump, last eight years showed us what it would be like, no thanks for a repeat
8 months ago
wendy darling oprah....anyone that would approve of trump is a racist, bigot, approves of adultery and wife beating...and thinks that stealing from the government and lying daily...is presidential....well then they too are ...as psychotic as the pigprez himself.above...
8 months ago