Poll: Should Montana Hunters Be Required by Law to Carry Bear Spray? IGBC thinks so.

The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee has petitioned Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to require hunters to carry Bear Spray. Do you believe that Montana hunters should be required by law to carry Bear Spray while hunting? Vote in the poll, share and comment below.

Should Montana Hunters Be Required by Law to Carry Bear Spray?

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SCM My bearspray has 7 rounds, I take it with me because I feel the need to have something to protect myself. If people want to wander around in the woods with giant bears and no protection they should be free to. People need to stop trying to make more stupid ass laws
10/28/2018 8:22 pm
Anna Shchemelinin Personal safety must never be a matter of government regulations. By the way, bear spray doesn't work at low temperatures.
10/29/2018 1:51 pm
KingCrimson Anna, Although I do agree we don't need more government regulations, I must correct your statement. "By the way, bear spray doesn't work at low temperatures". Bear Spray DOES work at low temperatures, It's true Bear Spray will not spray as far at freezing temperatures because a decrease in temperature causes a decrease in pressure. Bear spray does not contain water but depending on the brand it may either contain oil or alcohol. In extreme cold weather, American and Canadian park rangers carry their Counter Assault Bear Spray under their jackets to keep it warm for emergency use. It has been used effectively in Cape Churchill, Manitoba against polar bears using this method and also in the Arctic at extremely low temperatures of 12°F/-12°C to -6°F/-22°C. UDAP Pepper Power® has been tested at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. However, for best performance in freezing temperatures it's recommended the chest holster system for carrying the spray which would hold it inside a jacket and warmed by body temperature, The UDAP, or most any other types carried in a chest holster can be deployed without removing it from the holster, making it much faster deploy than any other carry position. I carry mine in a chest holster system and carry it while trail riding my horses, hiking hunting etc. I do know UDAP has inert practice cans that I've used for practice and instructing others. It can also work well on a human predator/attacker as a less than lethal option. I am a life-time hunter, 35 yr Military Veteran, MT FWP Hunter and Bowhunter Education Instructor and 4H Archery instructor. Since I retired from the military I became a Gunsmith and own/operate my Gun Repair & Supply business which is very successful. From my knowledge and experience I firmly believe, when used properly, a QUALITY Bear Spray is the most effective non lethal form of protection from an attacking animal or human. A firearm may wound and likely eventually kill the charging attacker, the attacker may either badly hurt, or kill you. To sum it up I don't believe we need more government regulations but I highly recommend carrying a quality bear spray that you've trained to use effectively.. Studies of collared Grizzly being tracked by GPS are 'hunting' human hunters. Bears and other predators are learning that a gun shot in their territory is now a 'Dinner Bell'. Education is key, not more laws. Just my 2 cents!!
11/02/2018 7:51 am
Anna Shchemelinin KingCrimson Thanks for the update. The bear spray bottle we had a few years ago specifically said that it wouldn't work at low temperatures. Now we have two dogs which are noisy and are helpful to not surprise animals. Bear spray can permanently blind them, so I'm not sure I want to care it.
11/04/2018 10:26 pm
KingCrimson Anna Shchemelinin I'm not sure if you mean Can permanently blind dogs or the bear. A face hit almost guarantees temporary blindness and big-time breathing problems. But the good news is that the sting will eventually subside and by that time, either you or the bear are long gone. You have all your life and limbs in tact, and the bear suffers no permanent damage. The same can't be said about bullets. Another benefit is the bear will learn to fear humans and be more apt to avoid them. One thing that's important I may not have mentioned with bear spray is that it does have an expiration date. If you choose to use bear spray be sure you check the expiration date before you head out.
11/04/2018 10:47 pm
ZDS3 My bear spray is effective at any temperature, and there six of them....
11/03/2018 2:33 pm