Poll: What is the best social network alternative to Facebook?

There are countless reasons people hate Facebook but keep using it. Mostly because it’s become a necessary evil if you plan to exist online, especially if you’re a business or in politics. The level of dependency people now have is now nearly immeasurable. There are however some great alternatives, including this website of course. To be fair, lets share some of our other favorite alternatives to Facebook in the poll below.

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What is the best social network alternative to Facebook?
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Kellie Self Twitter and Facebook are blocking conservative views every way they can.... they are trying to suppress our FREE SPEECH...
10/31/2018 5:05 pm
Anna Shchemelinin Kellie Self Nobody can take away your freedom of speech unless YOU will be ready to give up on it because, "Oh, don't say Merry Christmas, you may offend non-Christians", and "Oh, don't address this person as male/female, some people may get offended", and "Oh ,don't say that everybody should have equal rights, you may offend 'minorities' who confuse equal rights with equality", and "Oh, of course, nobody needs assaults weapons; we have to protect our CHILDREN, lets BAN them!", "Oh, USSR, China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, are not a 'real' socialism. Democratic socialism is real, and is completely different and it will work!" So far, American left succeeded in indoctrinating American minds almost as much as Soviet Communists did it during Stalin. And yet, even during Stalin people who really wanted to know the truth, found the way to get it.
10/31/2018 7:12 pm
Anna Shchemelinin People communicate with each other before Twitter and Facebook. American so-called 'intellectual elite' which tries to silence conservatives by censoring them out of media they control don't understand one very important principle of human communications: censorship is one of the most cost effective and powerful advertisement tools. Thanks to constant censorship of Meanwhile in Montana, it doesn't need Twitter, Facebook, or Google to communicate with their followers. Of course, it will not be that easy if Globalist communists of America (they continue to call themselves Democrats) will win the Senate majority and will take over the entire internet.
10/31/2018 6:53 pm
Kellie Self thank you Ann I stand corrected 😊
11/01/2018 3:16 pm