Real Montanans React to Greg Gianforte Alleged Assault Incident [Audio]

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Talk Back Missoula took a bunch of calls from Montanans for their response about the allegations that Gianforte assaulted The Guardian reporter. Listen to the audio/video to hear responses from fellow Montanans and leave your comments below.

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14 thoughts on “Real Montanans React to Greg Gianforte Alleged Assault Incident [Audio]”

  1. I beleive he hit him in the mouth a couple with his recorder after being asking repeatedly to back off. Where is that part of the story. I honestly don’t even see anyone worth a shit getting in the race in the future. Why would you want to be throw under the bus everyday in the papers. No one will ever please everyone. I suggest maybe a little respect for each otber. Let people do their jobs and try to spread some kindness. We all hold the responsibility of peace. How about respecting the 6 inches of personal space. I am a peaceful person but honestly I think I would of done the same thing. Well if I was a badass and knew how.

  2. What everyone is failing to understand is the reporter who got body slammed was there to do his job. What if you where a reporter and that happened to you?! Politics and media go hand in hand. If you don’t like dealing with media then don’t be working in a field where reporters who are doing there job of trying to get a story or questions answered if that means getting in your face or not is there job. Nobody deserves to get body slammed because they are trying to do there job. Be an adult. As adults there are easier ways and more mature ways to deal with a situation before it comes down to violence.

    1. Shawn the reporter was trespassing and shoving a phone in gianforte’s face while he was trying to give an interview to a group that reserved the time. He repeatedly told the reporter to back off and leave, that he wasn’t welcome there. Over and over he repeated it until finally he realized words weren’t going to stop the reporter from completely invading his personal space and trespassing so he made him stop. The reporter was way out of line and I hope he is charged with trespassing and harassment. Reporters are not above the law.

  3. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat and running for office or are already elected and you make contradictory statements on the same subject you need to be called out on it and clarify. He had said he would not vote for the Republican health care plan until he had read it, when it did pass he said he was glad that it did which would cost 23 million Americans access to insurance. How many of those would be Montanans? He is not out of the woods yet, he may have a hard time getting anywhere because of this.

    1. You’re buying the CBO report? They were so far off on Obamacare and have been off on everything else. The CBO has no credibility with anyone who has followed that they’re prognostications over the years. I have, going back probably 30 years. I can’t tell you I major instance in which they have actually been even in the vicinity of correct in their predictions. Often reality is the total opposite of what they predicted. I can’t see why any intelligent person is paying any attention to the CBO report at all.

  4. Like celebrities and athletes we hold politicians to a higher standard because they represent we the people. We like to impart an image of respect, civility and decorum to the world. The current President is known to deport himself differently to which we have grown accustom therefore giving way to other politicians behaving in a similar fashion. Gianforte snapped probably due to campaign stress and fatigue, which I believe to be uncharacteristic of him but because he is in the public eye his guard must never come down. He failed and because he failed he has failed we the people. He lost control when he wasn’t allowed to. Not a good quality for a Congressman of the United States.

  5. I think it’s freaking great some reporters need to get some brains being rude will get you your ass kicked in any arena so it’s just a part of the job I guess be a rude ass get a smack down😂 that made me want to vote for him.

  6. If someone got in my face after repeatedly telling them no and to back off I would’ve done the same thing! Good for him for standing his ground!
    And to the lady that says this eerily looks like domestic violence. Yes it does. When someone defends a person who got what was coming to them after being told no and to back off it promotes people to behave abusively because they can get away with it. In Montana if you can’t take no for an answer we teach you how!

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  7. I work on behalf of victims of domestic violence & sexual assault at a small nonprofit. I can’t help but notice that this tendency to victim blame the journalist is eerily similar to that of domestic violence & sexual assault….”he probably deserved it”….”he shouldn’t have gone in there”…..”she shouldn’t have worn that”….”see what you made me do”….as if assault in any circumstance is acceptable. It’s not.
    Every comment attempting to wash away this assault by saying “but what if…..” are weak attempts to condone such behavior. What happened to being the party of personal responsibility?
    This is NOT some actress from LA body slamming a paparazzo, as opined in your radio show. It’s a man running for public office, to represent ALL of us. If he needs a “safe-space” from journalists, he’s not fit for public service. He certainly won’t get a safe-space in DC.
    Your veiled endorsement of the behavior, open-ended wondering whether it’s an inside job by the Democratic Party (simply because Quist was smiling?! are you kidding me?!), and simple negation of the fact that 3 witnesses corroborate the journalist’s story are as damaging to the state political discourse as Gianforte’s behavior. I mean for crying out loud, you didn’t even include the part of the FOX reporter’s statement that explicitly states “To be clear, at no point did any of us who witnessed this assault see Jacobs show any form of physical aggression toward Gianforte, who left the area after giving statements to local sheriff’s deputies.”

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    1. Go look, if you will, the Fox reporter said that she “Embellished” the story. Where does that not mean “Lied”?

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      1. In what world is this an assault? You stick your nose in where you’re not invited and then try to hijack the proceedings for your own purposes? And then you get thrown out? In what world is this an assault?

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