Sponsorship at this site and how to advertise at countless other sites like this easily

If you want to advertise and keep it real simple, consider a 365 day Featured Extended Ad using a Featured Marketplace Ad!

Just like every other website, unless they are tax payer funded or an organization supported by membership fees, this site depends on sponsors to help keep the boat afloat. Users can feature ads at the marketplace, donate or shop through sponsor links to help keep the dream alive.

To keep it simpler for everyone, our sponsors are all managed very nicely through affiliate marketing. Our very favorite, firearms and ammunition friendly affiliate marketing program is Avantlink.com. Over the past ten years and a multitude of trying different programs, Avantlink has served me well and still does today. I now use them exclusively at all of my sites.

How does affiliate marketing work? How much does it cost?

Affiliate marketing programs are kind of like social networking for affiliates and merchants to be able to easily connect online.

Affiliates like myself, who often have numerous websites, and merchants who sell products online join a program like Avantlink. They then have the ability to affiliate through that program. Once the merchant has built their marketing links, banners and products, the affiliate then shares their links and banners at their websites.

Affiliate marketing programs keep things organized for both parties. There is normally a setup fee for merchants and then a 3-5% commission or even a flat rate paid to affiliates PER SALE, rather than a simple impression or click on their link like Google, Facebook and many other pay-per click and pay per impression programs.

I’ve used these programs in the past and yes, made money with them. The problem I personally have with these types of programs is that they are too easily fooled, meaning a merchant pays for garbage clicks and they are very browser intrusive.

Affiliate marketing programs have helped solve this problem because a merchant only pays when a sale is made. A much more ethical form of charging for advertising in my humble opinion. Feel free to leave your comments about affiliate marketing programs below. 🙂