Steve Bullock NOW supports Universal Background Checks, limiting magazine capacity and banning semi-automatic weapons

Now that officially proclaiming his interest in a run for president against Trump in 2020, Steve Bullock has gone full gun control. Likely in order to get the Democrat party’s nomination and get the support of anti-gunners like Bloomberg and his minions at Moms Demand Action.

Montana Gun Owners already know Bullock is anti-gun. He has frequently vetoed pro-gun bills Montanans worked feverishly to get through the state legislature. On numerous occasions like many democrats before him, especially in Montana political campaigns where 90% of homes have guns, he has claimed he fully supports the 2nd Amendment. That obviously has since changed or was a lie all along.

Were you planning on voting Bullock for President in 2020? Has this changed stance on gun control changed your mind as to whether you’ll now support him? Take the poll below. Click REVOTE if you’ve changed your mind.

If a Presidential Election were held today between Steve Bullock and Donald Trump, who would you vote for?


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