Steve Bullock’s betrayal of gun owning Montana supporters and the 2nd Amendment [Video]

Because he has only had to pander to JFK type democrat voters in Montana, where 90% of all homes have guns including democrats, Governor Steve Bullock has always gone against the general grain of the democrat party in regard to the Second Amendment and for the most part has always claimed he supports it.

If you haven’t heard the news, he has gone off the deep left end of the political spectrum in America and now supports all of the fanatical left’s gun control agenda, even at the expense of losing his local gun owning democrat supporters. Is it only due to his upcoming presidential run? Bullock now openly supports universal background checks which requires universal gun registration, limiting magazine capacities and banning semi-automatic weapons.

Has Steve Bullock betrayed his own gun owning supporters? Will this make his gun owning voters walk away from him in the 2020 presidential election? Watch the video, vote in the poll below and if you haven’t already, register, login and discuss below.

If Governor Steve Bullock runs for president in 2020, what chance is there that you'll be voting for him?

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