Terms of Use

* I understand and hold admins and owners of Meanwhile, In Montana COMPLETELY and UTTERLY HARMLESS for anything that happens as a result of any comments, communications or transactions at, or made as a result of communications at this site!

* I understand that tactful, lively debate is encouraged. I also have THICK SKIN and I am NOT easily offended!

* I understand that Meanwhile, In Montana will not become involved in any disputes that may occur!

* I understand I cannot flag, hide, block or otherwise try to suspend posts made by admins or someone elses comments on posts! If I don’t like something, I will suck it up and move on or just go away!

* I understand that this is not an adult site and that reasonable levels of profanity are part of life regardless of my age. I will do my best to avoid using excessive profanity or directly attacking others. I will instead attack their ideology and try to get my point across tactfully instead of aggressively in attempt to bring them around to my way of thinking!

* I understand that admins and owners of this site have complete discretion as to what stays and what goes and that these terms of use can change at any time!

* I hate making rules so don’t make me! We’ll add more as needed…..

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